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              Business operations of major departments

              Department nameBusiness
              Board of DirectorsPlan the company's business operations and policies, set operational goals, and appoint the company's main managers to implement the company's business.

              In accordance with the resolution of the board of directors, the company's business policies, policies, objectives and business plans are set.

              The board of directors will report on the company's annual business plan and make financial reports on the operating results of each stage.

              Under the authority of the board of directors, it leads all business management matters of the company.

              Regularly hold operations, supervisor meetings, etc., coordinate and promote the expansion of the company's various businesses.

              Regularly implement planning, organization, guidance, command, coordination, review and control of all departments of the company.

              The Audit CommitteeSupervise the business and financial status of the Group, the appropriate expression of financial statements and the effective implementation of internal controls.
              Compensation committeeRegularly review and regularly review the policies, systems, standards and structures of directors and managers' performance appraisal and salary remuneration, and regularly assess and determine the remuneration of directors and managers.
              Audit departmentAssist the Board of Directors, the CEO and the management to inspect and evaluate the internal control system and measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation, and provide improvement suggestions in a timely manner as the basis for the revision of the internal control system to ensure that the internal control system continues to operate effectively.
              General managerExecute board resolutions and internal management of the company, and lead the company team to achieve business objectives.
              General managerAssist the CEO (General Manager) to promote various businesses, coordinate various matters of various departments and units, and ensure that the company's goals and projects can be successfully achieved.
              China Business GroupManagement and execution of production, procurement, business, research and development, finance, and administration of various subsidiaries in China
              Finance departmentIn charge of the company's financial fund scheduling and accounting management.
              ManagementCoordinate the overall administrative affairs of the company personnel, administrative general affairs, safety and health.
              Information DepartmentResponsible for the planning, execution and management of company information operations.
              Ministry of Human ResourcesHuman resource planning, recruitment, education and training planning, payroll accounting, attendance and other operations
              Purchasing Department

              Maintenance and management of supplier data.

              Planning and execution of raw materials, critical parts, consumables and fixed asset purchases.


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