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              Summary of departmental work in 2015 and outlook for 2016 work

              2016-01-21 15:39:35

                On January 9th,2016,employees of the company's class level and above held the 2015 department year-end summary and 2016 work outlook meeting in the office building.The first-level supervisors of each department spoke enthusiastically,not only reporting the work done by each department in detail,He also made a detailed analysis of the department's shortcomings,and said that they made work in 2016;then the deputy general executive-Xie,deputy general,made a detailed analysis,pointed out the shortcomings,proposed improvement goals,and asked each department to The monthly management cost was reduced by more than 10%.Finally,Dong made a summary:2016 is a crucial year.The company has to go public,and has made a detailed analysis of the benefits of preparing for listing and listing,which has encouraged everyone's confidence!


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