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              The joint investigation team of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council came to the

              2016-07-01 15:40:36

                Yesterday,Zhang Shihong,director of the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council,led a joint research team composed of the staff of the National Development and Reform Commission,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,the Ministry of Commerce,and the General Administration of Customs to investigate the Taiwanese-funded enterprises in Huizhou.Fang Tao,deputy director of the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office,and Huang Shuzheng,deputy mayor,participated in the survey.

                The joint research team's visit to the survey is mainly to understand the production,operation,transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded enterprises,and to explore the policy measures to promote the sustainable and healthy development of Taiwan-funded enterprises under the new situation.The research team conducted a survey of“Yi Electronic Technology(Huizhou)Co.,Ltd.”,visited the company’s production workshop during the survey,listened to the company’s production and operation report,and learned in detail the problems and difficulties encountered by the company in production.The company hopes that the central government will support the policy.The research team expressed their appreciation for the Industrial IoT Smart Factory built by Electronic Technology(Huizhou)Co.,Ltd.and highly praised the performance of the Huizhou youth Taiwanese business group.

                Zhang Shihong stressed:Taiwanese businessmen must strengthen their confidence and develop steadily.The state's policy of promoting cross-strait economic integration will not change.Taiwanese businessmen should take the initiative to adapt to changes in the world economic situation,seize the country's"all the way"development opportunities,and expand the domestic market;Taiwanese businessmen must We dare to innovate and accelerate transformation and upgrading;young Taiwanese businessmen must inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of their parents and let them continue to develop.

                Huang Shuzheng introduced the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded enterprises in Huizhou.He said that Huizhou cooperated with Taiwan universities and venture capital institutions to introduce Taiwan's innovation team to help enterprises develop;"Huizhou National Trade Fair"and"Huizhou Taiwan Boutique Expo"helped Taiwan-funded enterprises to expand domestic sales.Next,Huizhou will further strengthen the implementation of the policy of benefit enterprises,provide a good environment for the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan-funded enterprises,and support Taiwanese enterprises to take root in Huizhou to accelerate development.

                Mr.Dong,Chairman of the Board of Electronic Technology(Huizhou)Co.,Ltd.,introduced the future development direction of the company and the smart factory in detail,actively promoted the application of the Internet of Things,and laid a solid foundation for the future realization of Industry 4.0.Fully affirmed and expressed a strong interest.


              Director Zhang Shihong and his party visited the Internet of Things of Electronic Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.


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